How to pack

for business trips

Imagine you have a job that requires a lot of traveling. I say: lucky you but it does have a few complications. Packing, unpacking, washing, having to be prepared – really, it’s not as easy as you think. Most trips are hand luggage only. So for those who travel a lot, pay attention.


Let’s start at the beginning because aside from what you pack, how you pack is just as important.  Roll sets up together, wearing a skirt and top? Roll them up together. Socks and underwear go in your shoes or fill left over corners. It’s best to wear heavy and large items so they won’t take up precious space.

Make sets

This is the most important one. Don’t just take a stack of clothes, take the time to make sets beforehand. This is convenient if you have long waiting hours between airports, a meeting the moment you arrive and drinks with clients in the evening. During the flight you wear black stretch jeans, a top and flats. Over this you wear a white silk blouse and a long cashmere cardigan. It’s an investment but it’s always worth it. The cardigan is instant style. So if you have a meeting straight away exchange the cardigan for your packed black blazer and your flats for heels. For the evening you exchange your pants for the skirt, let your hair down and apply lipstick. A great switch to an evening look with minimal effort.

Other items

I’d stick to one style as much as possible, so you can combine everything together. Besides black pumps and ballerinas you can bring strappy heels. They hardly take up any space and are more fashionable than pumps.

The fabric

Don’t bring anything made of neoprene and reduce the amount of woolen items because they take up a lot of space. Cashmere, linen and polyester are easily foldable. Yes they wrinkle but whoever is on a business trip stays at decent hotels that have an iron available at the reception. It also helps to hang your wrinkled items in the shower, turn up the heat and your clothes are dry cleaned.

Think in accessories

A little black dress with a big red necklace, loose hair and lipstick is totally different from a little black dress, a bun and no necklace. So catching bracelets, necklaces and rings are you lifesavers.

Find minis

Not only your day cream and deodorant but go mini with your blowdryer and curling iron, like Braun.