Whoever still manages a social life outside of the house is terribly old-fashioned. A modern and hip gal spends her time in front of the tv binging. Tv-series are the new movies. They are hip and hot and everybody watches them.

It does surprise me that its socially acceptable to endlessly discuss the series you have been watching, admitting to the fact you have been at the mercy of your TV screen for days on end. You won’t hear me complaining. The only time I venture outside is to get to the office. The rest of my time I feed my addiction, currently it’s watching Scandal. I have found myself on the sofa at 6 am dead tired and still watching because every episode ended in a cliffhanger so I HAD to watch the next one. And the next one. And the next one. For this reason I went looking for a way to break the binging spell. This will be helpful to everyone caught up in a show. I think. Well, I really hope so.

Let it die

This only works if you watch series on your laptop as I do. I don’t recharge the battery on purpose so eventually the screen will go black and I head off to bed. Of course you can get up and attach the recharger but once stopped its easier to leave it at that. Netflix remembers where you left off so no need to worry about that.

Stop halfway

Tv-shows always end in a cliffhanger so you won’t stop watching. Be smart and watch half of the episode instead. You can stop at a quiet moment and relax.


When the clock is approaching 2 am and the alarm is set for 8 am, I know it’s time to stop. While the episode is playing I start to clean the house, turn off the lights, brush my teeth and when I finish I don’t drop back on the sofa horizontally but sit up straight instead. When I’m done watching I close my laptop and jump into bed. It helps.

watch with someone

Personally I find it annoying to watch a series with someone as it makes me dependent on their schedule. But it does have benefits because you can help each other to press stop. Of course if you’re both spineless it’s a red herring.