How to spot a fashionista

Just like bird watchers know that the Pacific Golden Plover has a yellow feather on its right wing and bird with a grey feather on its left wing is most definitely a Greywader, anytime I see a girl walking around with a pair of Stan Smith’s combined with the Céline triobag, I can tell straight away that we are dealing with a fashionista. It’s king of like a to each their own sorta thing.

Fashion month is right around the corner and in that month every fashion commentator will be cruising from New York via London to Milan with Paris as their final station. Dozens of well-dressed women are found wandering from show’s to showrooms and back again. Even those who don’t have invites for shows have turned the streets into their very own big runway. So here’s a handy little checklist to know whether you’re standing face to face with a fashionista.

1. Her phone is glued to her hand

No matter what, there is always a pair of fancy kicks that need to be Instagrammed, or an important email with show invites that needs to be answered. Fashionista’s and their iPhones are inseparable. FYI, you’ll never spot them walking around with an android and Blackberry’s are so very last year.

2. she stares at the ground

If she’s not busy staring at her iPhone screen, her eyes are glued to the ground. Or her feet. Fashionista’s have absolutely no time to check out the city’s architecture, their sole focus is getting to their end destination. The only exception is when she takes a detour and walks into a clothing store; suddenly her neck is way more flexible as she gawks at all the items on the racks.

3. you don’t understand her look

Or at least not at the first glance. Fashionista’s usually walk around wearing items that initially probably don’t look like they would match, but then somehow they do. Colors are allowed to clash, prints are allowed to mismatch and the official rules of matching are completely flushed down the drain. Case in point: Leandra Medine. The other extreme are fashionista’s who are dressed head-to-toe in black, grey, white or any other boring color. The only confusing thing about this monotone look is why fashion girls find them so alluring. Case in point: Emmanuele Alt.

4. fashionista’s are never alone

A fashionista never operates alone. You’ll always find another fashionista by her side. It could either be a colleague, a friend, or a random stranger she bumped into a few streets back who was immediately ranked as her new best friend. Coupled up photos are just way more compelling.

5. fashionista’s are either overly excited or profoundly annoyed

Because they are always in a rush, they’re being hassled by street style photographers and they definitely haven’t been prepping their look for about four weeks hoping to be snapped (ahumm). Hence the reason fashionista’s are often irritated and angry. Shows run overtime, they still haven’t had their non fat soy latte, they can never get a cab when they need one. And if they aren’t extremely annoyed, their overly excited. Think of an Anna Della Russo. They love the camera and parade around exuberantly down the streets. Irritated or elated: there is no middle ground.

Have you spotted one? Don’t go asking for a photo, fashionista’s find this to be very aggravating cause their schedules are so tight and anything that will cause an even bigger delay is something they wish to avoid. Stand in silence and just watch the spectacle; leave them in their natural habitat. Trust me, the resemblance with Pacific Golden Plover’s and Greywader’s will be striking.