A look inside BRUCE JENNER’s new home

The man himself remains silent, but one thing is clear: Bruce Jenner is having a tough time. First of all there’s his controversial transformation to the female gender, next was his involvement in a fatal car accident, and then obviously there is always that crazy family he has to take care of.

However the lady-in-the-making is happily also taking quite good care of er… himself. For Bruce has recently become the owner of a magnificent ranch in the Malibu Hills. After his divorce from Kris Jenner, the former Olympic champion rented a Malibu beach house to kick off his bachelor life. Yet with all the commotion around him he felt the need for the peace and privacy of his very own home. good for him, but then naturally we would like to take a look inside.

credit: MSL

The house covers about 1000 m2, is set on a hill with views to the ocean and is equipped with all you would expect in such a shack. It has four bedrooms and bathrooms, open fireplaces inside and out, a swimming pool, bubble bath, the works.