Yesterday I met up with Lyne Desnoyers in the very hip and happening NOMO Hotel in Soho. Lyne is M.A.C’s make-up artist and one of the important women who decides which colors and trends you see each season. And I want everything of Lyne’s.



Though Lyne has been living in New York for the past few years, she’ll always be a Parisienne with that understated chic look.  Her makeup only emphasizes that point (flawless foundation, perfectly set eyebrows, a bit of mascara, no more no less) and so does her bag. A ‘work of art’ that she bought from an artist in New York.


I asked her if I was allowed have a bit of a peek. Usually when I ask this question to any other female, they seem rather hesitant and then quickly get rid of everything in their bag which they don’t want to show before they let me have a little gander.


In Lyne’s bag I found a A4 piece of paper with makeup looks from the latest fashion show she did for M.A.C. A couple of sponges she uses to apply makeup (and you can easily wash these in the sink by the way. One of those things I always seem to wonder about, life issues), Kleenex and some cotton pads, a creamy foundation that you can also use as a blush, a gloss, a, wait, I mean THE mascara, her business cards (very important during Fashion Week). Dear Lyne, feel free to leave that bag of yours with me anytime. No problem at all.