Office Irritations

Every day a few square meters are inhabited by people you did not handpick yourself. And if you did (I did) and you utterly adore them, they still pop up. Office irritations. Recognizable?

Everyone does it here. When I’m expecting royal visits (from Chanel or Louis Vuitton) I email everyone in the office to make sure that everything is presentable but when I come in the next morning I still have to walk by everyone’s chair to collect their coats. Having your coat on your chair is like being in class where you’re afraid it will be stolen if you hang it in the hallway.

I annoy Liesbeth with this one. I ignore the fact she’s wearing earphones and I know this means she’s concentrating on something. She’ll have them in for five minutes and I’ll start chatting to her, “Liesbeth did you know…” Yep. Guilty.

Our super site builder Robin (mind you he’s the cutest) has a few nerdy traits. He likes to listen to strange music on his headphones but I can still hear it. Which considering he is at least twenty meters away is quite loud. The annoying part is that at some point he gets swept away by the music and starts drumming and moving to the beat. This is when I yell; “ Robbes! Cut it out!” He does, for about fifteen minutes.

I think plastic supermarket bags are atrocious. Liesbeth doesn’t seem bothered by this and always has a few lying around on her desk.  She has promised to better her life (at my request) but when I say something she finds annoying she punishes me by falling back into habit. She even apps pictures of plastic bags to me as the ultimate revenge. Hurts my eyes it does. 

Coco is a dream of a colleague. She makes tea, cuts apples into parts for us and brings Prosecco. She does have one annoying habit we are determined to change. She never closes the door of the beauty cabinet. Ever. The rest of us are unanimous on this: irritating.

BY May-Britt Mobach
Jongleert doordeweek met kinderen en laptops, vermoedt een serieuze shopverslaving en probeert lichtelijk obsessief latte- en wijngebruik van zich af te schudden door overmatig veel te sporten.
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