The perfect proposal in New York

Fat diamonds, white dresses, bouquets and honeymoon beaches. I don’t know about you but I see them everywhere. White brides blissfully holding their grooms hand while wearing their brand new wedding bands. From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and I’m not only talking about my online world, my mailbox also had to deal with the wedding frenzy. Wedding season is upon us and I have neatly taken down all the dates in my schedule. First stop is Stockholm, then I’m off to The Netherlands and a few days later it’s Marrakech. All this traveling to see radiant brides and teary mother in laws. I love weddings and aside from the what-to-wear stress I utterly enjoy myself. It’s so delightfully cheesy and emotional. An they all inspire my fantasies about my own (I mean ‘our’) big day.

I’m not afraid to say I am totally into marriage. For me it started at primary school drawing princes and princesses in white dresses with veils with a million red hearts around them. Now it’s a hysterical Pinterest board collection of dresses, flowers, locations; a visual mood board of my (I mean ‘our’) dream day.

I’ve been waiting for the big day since I can remember and almost have all the main ingredients (a man, the right age, the script) taken care of. I just need the kick-off: the proposal. Okay. Some of you may have more feminist chromosomes but I like to call myself old-fashioned. Meaning: an official proposal with the man kneeling holding up a hand picked ring (honey if you’re reading this, anything will do just please don’t let it be a pear). And is there any place more suitable for a proposal than New York?

So to give all men a push forward or to accommodate your own wedding fantasies; a few perfect spots in New York for the perfect proposal.


Chuck Bass, Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Everyone knows them as loyal XOXO-viewers. This is the spot where Blair and Chuck commit to each other in the nick of time, right there near the columns in front of the fountain in Central Park. This place is magical. Just make sure you’re there really early otherwise it’s man, woman, ring and at least a few dozen tourists. But taking the time into account it is the perfect place for a proposal. Picture yourself there. While you walk towards the fountain you hear a saxophone playing. You descend the stairs and you see your love standing in the archway. The love of your life is waiting for you nervously and the ring burning a hole in his pocket. The music (your song) fades to the background and you float towards him. He gets down on one knee…OMG! My Danielle Steel moment stops here. You get the idea. You do too, right guys?


This garden, with the same name as the church, takes up a whole block in West end Village and is one of Manhattan’s best kept secrets. It’s breathtakingly quiet and looks like a fairytale. During the summer tropical butterflies inhabit it and in the fall the trees are a deep red. Perfect proposal material. Make arrangements with the church beforehand. Afterwards you and your symphonic orchestra can ask your girl that life-changing question.


The Empire State Building is the Eiffel Tower of New York. A proposal here is marvelous. A little cheesy but so are other kneeling moments. I’ve done some research and found some tips & tricks for proposing on the Empire State Building. Check the weather (there’s no view when it’s foggy). Watch out for wind (no one want’s to be swept away literally). Get to the 8th floor 45 minutes before sundown and you get the whole package: the sunset and seeing the city light up, how romantic is that?

620 LOFT

Duh, hello dream roof in the middle of Manhattan on 5th Avenue. That’s the one I want. Anybody got leftover dollars? It costs a fortune but what a location! You can rent it for hip parties and venues but being proposed to here with thousands of candles floating in the pool, a violin and an enormous rock. Just like in the movies huh? Wow wow wow.


Yes! My absolute favorite! I come here a lot, (Amayzine readers know that), usually in the mornings for a cup of coffee so I can wake up listening to birdsong. The idyllic park lies next to a beautiful library. Both are perfect for a romantic moment for two. The fairytale is complete here; fountain, birds, French chairs and it’s right in the middle of Manhattan.


On the other side of the river you have the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s in all the rankings where romance is concerned: a view of the Manhattan Skyline, water, cozy benches. What more does a person need?

I could go on pointing out romantic spots forever but I have to draw the line somewhere. I hope you men found this helpful and girls… just keep dreaming your day will come.