Apparently October is the month that most women crave a new hairstyle. Summer is officially over and a winter crisis is well on its way and so we need a bit of a change. So let’s go: chop chop. Keira, Charlize and Scarlett are all living proof that short hair is extremely hot and very feminine. If you want to know what kind of hair works best with the shape of your face, read below.

Do: you want to elongate your face so it doesn’t look like a bulbous ball. A messy pixie cut has your name all over it. You don’t want it to be too orderly, hence the term messy, and it will also give your hair more volume. This’ll give you the effect you’re looking for.

Don’t: avoid bobs and bangs. It’ll make you look like a porcelain doll.

Do: a heart shaped face is actually a reverse triangle. Your forehead is a little wider and your jawline slim. You need to opt for hairstyles that balance out the bottom of your face. A jawline bob would be suitable for example, or asymmetrical bangs. The most important thing you have to take into consideration is that you don’t accentuate your forehead and that you emphasize your jaw.

Don’t: bold bangs or up do’s that emphasize your forehead.

Do: elongate your face. Avoid razor sharp cuts and go for a more ‘baggy’ look. A slanted bob suits your face, and it’s okay if it’s cut a bit asymmetrical.

Don’t: bold lines and short pixie cuts. This will make your face look more square shaped and boxy.

Do: this is pretty much the reverse of a heart shaped face. Opt for a style that adds more volume on top of your head. Go for layers or a bit of a curl. As long as the attention is drawn to the top of your face instead of your jaw, it will balance out the shape of your face.

Don’t: chin length hairstyles. Either go shorter, or longer. If you cut your hair chin length it will accentuate your jaw and they will look broader.

Do: Pretty much every style suits your face. The shape of your face is so balanced that something really crazy would have to happen if you were to unbalance it. Even the shortest chops look good on you.

Don’t: Like I said, everything suits you.