In Paris, New York or Amsterdam?

how to have the perfect beauty look



Yesterday you might have read about my encounter with Lyne Desnoyers, an amazing Canadian born and Paris raised woman who’s been working for M.A.C Cosmetics for the last twenty years. She left Paris behind for New York where she’s been settled for the past four years, and so she gave us some insight about the beauty rules in a few of the different fashion cities around the globe. Or as she would refer to it; “Every city has it’s own beauty obsessions.” So here I am to help you become one with the locals in three different cities.



This might just be the hardest. Women in Paris spend a lot of time perfecting their look to make it look as if it was effortless. Skin is crucial according to Lyne. They make sure their pores are perfectly clean and spend a lot of time making sure their skin looks fresh with a bit of a rosy cheek. That’s why foundation is a no-go in Paris. Or at least you’re not supposed to see it. Anything that is a bit “too much” is very uncool according to the Parisians. Make up wise, the M.A.C bestsellers always work. Their mascara, a bit of concealer for a red spot here or there, a gloss and sometimes even a matte lipstick and they’re ready to go. And never brush your hair or apply a bit of lipstick in public places okay? Understood?


Lyne said, “you guys are very eyebrow oriented” and I can’t help but agree with her. She also told me that she thinks the women in Amsterdam are unbelievably beautiful, another thing I can back her up on. Seriously, walk a couple of blocks in this city and you will come across plenty of beautiful counterparts. Clearly explains why there are so many Dutch models strutting down the runway these days. There are plenty of eyebrow pencils and brushes that get sold in the M.A.C stores (which I obviously bought plenty of while I was here). And glosses. We apparently love foundation more than the French do, but less than the New Yorkers. M.A.C has a perfect in between product and it’s best you head to a nearby M.A.C store for some advice. They’ll take a look at your skin and take your wishes into consideration.



New York women are obsessed with just about everything. Skin, hair, nails, body and teeth. It takes a whole lot of work to look like a New Yorker,” Lyne said. Getting your hair blown out, nails manicured, working out every day and their make up looks on point too. Foundation, lipstick and groomed eyebrows and eye shadow. Takes a bit of time, but hey, if you wanna look the part, you’ve gotta put in the effort.