what reddit taught me about men


I’m sure everyone has heard of Reddit before and for those who haven’t: Reddit is a website where “redditors” (the users) can post questions as well as answer others. Think of it as an online bulletin board type of thing that causes interactive trends to arise. They also have a special category entitles “subreddits,” where people post very specific questions and stories. The site is a sore sight for the eyes and looks like it’s still stuck somewhere in 1992, but don’t let that scare you off.


Better yet, even with such a horrific layout, Reddit officially has 36 million registered accounts since September and almost 203 million (!) unique viewers who together have viewed a grand total of 7.866.189.968 pages. I don’t even know how the utter the latter number. My favorite subreddit is “askmen” where men (and a couple of females) ask each other male related questions. And seeing as Reddit has an insane amount of visitors, it’s clear to see the things that keep the male population on their toes, and these things, they’re…interesting.


Cry Baby

Question: “When was the last time you had a good cry?”

Answers: These varied from “I just did during a movie” to “when my best friend commit suicide.”

The lesson: Men are capable of crying and not only during just during obvious moments.


His ex

Question: “What do you say to an ex when you see them in public, or they text you?”

Answers: These varied from “I say hey and show some interest in how they’re doing” to “I say ‘hello’ and walk straight ahead.”

The lesson:  Men are precisely like women when it comes to uncomfortable situations with an ex.


Being in love

Question: “When did you first tell your SO you loved her?”

Answers: Varied from “a week before Valentines Day” to “right after we had unprotected sex.”

The lesson: Saying “I love you” is a big deal for men to (even when it involves unprotected sex).


Tips about women

Question: “I’m 17 years old and alone at home. Tomorrow I’m having a woman at my house for the first time. Any tips?”
Answers: Varied from “make sure your bathroom doesn’t look like a scene from a horro movie” and “make sure you have something toe at” to “the condom rule.”

The lesson: Men (or in this case, boys) get nervous too right before dates and are grateful for any tips and tricks they can get. And okay, the seem tot hink that sex is a highly likely outcome.



Question: “Should I reschedule a first date if the girl originally asked me out, rescheduled and hasn’t picked another time?”

Answers: Varied from “remind her but wait for her to reschedule” and “don’t be such a dweeb and reschedule yourself” tot “she’s leading you on, get out while you still can.”

The lesson: Men are just as nervous about first dates as we are. What does she mean with her text? Or what does it mean when I don’t hear from her at all? To tell you the truth I didn’t really need a Reddit submission to learn about this, I have plenty of guys around me that don’t know what to do after a first date. Who texts who first, why isn’t she replying… You know, the whole shebang.



Question: “What’s your best method for getting over a girl?”

Answers: Varied from “time, time is the only things that heals” and “drinking a lot” to “delete all her pictures, messages and her phone number” and “dive into bed with someone else asap.”

The lesson: Men too deal with heartbreak and there way of getting over someone isn’t all that different from how women deal with it.


Personal Growth

Question: “I feel like other guys are much more emotionally mature than I am. How did you develop confidence and inner strenght?”

Answers: Varied from “gain as much life experience as you can” to “realize that everyone has their weaknesses” and “be proud of everything you do.”

The lesson: Men are more like women then they’d care to admit.


Being Drunk

Question: “Does anyone else see the internet in 3D when you’re drunk?”

Answers: Varied from “are you sure it was alcohol that you had?” to “No, but I did see a text box scroll like the intro to Star Wars when I was on mushrooms once.”

The lesson: And then they’re suddenly back to being plain old men.

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