1. biding farewell to white

It used to be all about white, the whiter the better, but this color is being dethroned this year. Adding a little color and coziness to our homes is the way you want to go. Wooden cabinets, mosaic stones and anything rustic looking (think door handles) may re-enter your kitchen. Back to the eighties it is.

2. Bathrooms are the new living rooms

This is one of those trends I unfortunately have to let pass me by because my own bathroom is the size of cupboard, but just incase you are lucky enough to have a proper sized bathroom, here’s the look you want to go for. Add a stool into your room for if you want to relax, lotion your less, brush your teeth or you hair. And while you’re at it, get a long rectangular mirror you can place somewhere to check out your daily outfits. Bathrooms should be that one space in your house you use to take your time. It should make you feel nice and relaxed, which is exactly what you want (especially on early mornings).

3. fireplaces

Whether it’s a working one or not, fireplaces make your living room look good. It adds that extra bit of cosiness into a room. Oh, and I guess if you’re lucky enough to have a big bedroom too, or guest room, perhaps even your bathroom (although that would look somewhat odd) an extra fireplace never hurts.

4. Tech-free living rooms

Looks like we’re going to be taking a step back from our coveting technology. TV’s, iPad’s and any other tech gadgets are being unplugged and transported out of the room. Wires and cables should be out of sight and all your gadgets need to be stashed in drawers. Why? To add some serenity into your home.

5. Statement mirrors

Boring and simple mirrors are mirrors of the past (catch my fun little word pun there?). What you want is something bold, weird if you must, what will surprise you every morning. The bigger the better and remember, it’s going to make your rooms look even bigger.

6. Mix & Match

It takes some getting used to, but the mix & match trend is a lot of fun. You get to express yourself creatively. You can also use the mix & match trend in a graphically. And don’t worry, this trend isn’t only dedicated to the hippies amongst us, anyone can pull it off in their home.

7. heated entrance floors

Wouldn’t that be just divine? Large floors in your hallway that just happen to be heated as well. Now that’s what I call a warm welcome.

8. dining room

Dining on the couch? Not anymore. Dinner should be served in the room dedicated to it. This year we should all be taking the time to eat our meals again combined with friendly conversations and what’s more inviting than a fun dining room? Big chairs, beautiful chandeliers hanging above your table and most importantly; lots and lots of food.
Source: Harper’s Bazaar