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In the weekend I am entirely guilty of binge watching Suits. Mainly due to the incredibly arrogant, sexy lawyer Harvey and his naughty grin. Thanks to Harvey, I always go to bed much later than planned, and I’m sure you all understand why. But even as a diehard Suits obsessed fan, there are still surprises you didn’t know about. Hereby a couple of fun facts.


Did you know any of these 11 Suits facts yet?


1. Patrick J. Adams (oh you know, hottie Mike) is not only a fantastic photographer, he’s also a real talent behind the lens and owns more than 25 different cameras. Check out Rachel’s office the next time you watch the show. Almost all the photography she has hung up in there was made by Patrick. Check out his Insta here.


2. Rick Hoffman (the always wonderful Louis Litt) is allergic to cats. You probably didn’t realize it, but he almost fainted when he had to film alongside the ball of fluff Bruno. It was impossible to film the scene without inhalers and Epi pens.


3. Did you know that the name ‘Specter’ is an anagram for the word respect?


4. I’ve mentioned it before here, but Suits is not filmed in the Big Apple. The only episode that took place in New York was the pilot. The rest of the Pearson/Hardman/Specter offices? All in Toronto. Oh the deception.


5. I know that Tom Ford creates a lot of beautiful pieces, but I just read that he’s also responsible for making all the sexy suits for the men in the show adding that extra bit of sex appeal. The women on the show are suited up (ha, word pun) in Dior, Victoria Beckham, Zac Posen and Burberry. Where can I apply?

”Did you know that I would spontaneously decide to cheat if I Harvey Specter knocked on my front door in his casual clothes”

6. The reason that Patrick (who previously only ever played smaller rolls) was asked to play in the hit show was, according to the makers, due to his eyes. They stated that they emit excessive smartness. And thus the link with the hyper intelligent Mike Ross with a photographic memory was made.


7. Did you know that assistant Claire Bowden (played by actress Troian Bellisario) is engaged to Patrick J. Adams (Mike)? And we’re secretly hoping Mike and Rachel become a set on the show too.


8. The chemistry between Donna and Harvey in the show is tense, but that’s not entirely crazy because Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty have been great friends for over twenty years. Gabriel even came up with the idea to cast Sarah as Donna.


9. The show was almost given an entirely different name: ‘A Legal Mind’. Then they realized the name ‘Suits’ was catchier.


10. Jessica Pearson’s role was actually written for a man but the writer and producer Aaron Korsh decided to go for badass Gina Torres instead to add a dash of girl boss to the show.


11. Did you know that I would spontaneously decide to cheat if I  Harvey Specter knocked on my front door in his casual clothes (EVEN SEXIER THAN HIM IN A SUIT)? Let’s just hope my boy doesn’t read this. I doubt I’ll ever be allowed to watch Netflix again…

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