Fun & Famous


Us fit buddy’s like to share all that’s bitter and all that’s sweet. Besides our PR’s (personal records for all those non-athletes who are reading this) and progression photos, so it’s only fair to share the things that are bitter too. Because gym life is not always a hoot. Things can go wrong. That’s why I decided to line up some of the awkward things that occur when you’re at the gym. How many can you relate to?

Believe me, I can check almost all of them off.

1.  Drinking water out of your flask on the treadmill. This is going to go wrong. It always does. And then keep running while you spill it all over yourself hoping no one saw it. It’s all sweat, I swear.

2.  That ponytail that maneuvered from the top of your head all the way down to the bottom. No matter how tightly you put it up, it does what it wants. Man, seriously this might be the thing that annoys me the most.

3.  Accidentally grabbing weights that are way to heavy for you in the weight lifting corner and then being to afraid to switch them for the right ones, because well… Pussy.

4.  Farting during the last track of your yoga class (for those of you non-yogaers: the meditation track). I applaud you if you’ve got the guts to come back.

5.  And while you’re busy doing squats you realize your tights are a little too see-through and it just so happens to be the day that you decided to wear your bright PINK leopard printed cheeky panties.

6.  Grabbing as many weights as your neighbor next to you in a body pump class because everything she can do, you can do it too. Believe me, that hour is going to feel like an eternity.

7.  Mascara disasters, need I say more?

8.  You’re finally able to wear that flashy new tank top, but then you realize you forgot to shave your pits…

9.  The middle aged guy next to you is running faster than you are. Na-ah, not going to let that happen. And then you find yourself completely exhausted 20 minutes pretending you have to ‘go to the bathroom’ because you can’t keep up.

10. It looks like you peed your pants after a spinning class. Sweat stains you never knew existed.

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