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Be honest, who of you hasn’t started daydreaming about their summer holidays yet? The time is now, my friends. And just to top it all off, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite travel websites that can come in handy and which you probably don’t know of yet. Here we go.

Secret Flying

Promise me you won’t tell anyone because this is the worlds’ greatest website, but we have to keep it on the down low. There are ridiculously cheap flight tickets on there and as long as you’re flexible with dates and don’t mind two stops on the way, this website will be your BFF. I bought a return flight ticket to Panama for €293,-. Ha.

Price of travel

This site indexes the cost of travel for almost each country and city in the world. It’s very handy for when you find a cheap airplane ticket, but you’re not sure if the destination is cost friendly as well. The site assumes that you’re a traveler on a budget that doesn’t shy away from hostels. But even if you prefer sleeping in hotels, you can still find a lot of helpful information related to costs.


Overall, Google Flights is the best search engine for booking an airplane ticket, but Cleverlayover has a trick up its sleeve which is worth your time to check out. Let’s say you want to fly out to San Francisco. Better known search engines will give you all of the top player airlines as an option with the quickest ways possible. Which is great, but if you’ve got a bit more time and less money, a smart layover is a good idea. You might find out that it’s cheaper to fly to Reykjavik for instance, before booking a second flight to San Fran from there. And if you have time, you can stay in Reykjavik for a couple of days. It comes down to this; sometimes it’s cheaper to buy two separate flight tickets instead of one. Sometimes it isn’t, but investing a little of your time in this kind of info check can save you a lot of money.

Sleeping in Airports

Sometimes you get stuck in an airport for hours because of a delay or cancelled flight. Or you know in advance that you have a long layover ahead of you. This website comes in handy; it gives you information on where to sleep, the costs, the stores and restaurants it has on basically every airport in the world.


If you’re going to a new destination it can be nice to plan your route based on previous experiences of other travelers. It keeps you from making the same mistakes they did. TripHobo contains thousands of travel itineraries of travelers in almost every part of the world. For example, you fill in that you’re going to Sri Lanka for 15 days, and out roll dozens of travel itineraries of those who paved the way. You can also put together your own trip. You’ll know exactly how long you’ll need for each destination beforehand. Seriously, try it out and put together some bits and places, it’s highly addicting.