Daily shot of sleaze

battle of the nudes

DSoSOrlandoJustinYou’ve undoubtedly seen them and sent them to your friends. We did too. The photos of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding completely naked. He took the term ‘au natural’ very literally.


And then a message popped up in our work WhatsApp group. ‘Good mornin’!’ and then a photo of a naked Justin Bieber. With a bit of hair that could use some taming. But anyways, isn’t it extremely coincidental that within three days, naked photos of two of Miranda Kerr’s prior love interests appeared online?


We all recall Ibiza 2014 when Orlando and Justin were caught fighting on film. Rumor has it that Justin had gotten a little too friendly with Orly’s then wife Miranda Kerr. But Orlando wasn’t a saint either, because apparently he and Selena Gomez had gotten very cozy too.


Anyways, question is: has all of this been intentional? Did Bieber leak his own photos for battle round number two with Orlando? Or have both the men suffered from being photographed without consent. Which ever one it is, we’re sure Evan Spiegel no longer plans on leaving his front door without swimming trunks on.