Daily shot of sleaze


So you think you’re being all luxurious and fancy with all your holiday snaps from France or Spain and then Kim Kardashian posts photos on her gram and on Snapchat. Then you might as well throw your camera out.

Oh, Kimmie. I can recall a KUWTK episode where she was bawling her eyes out and said she never ever wanted to do anymore nude shoots (or partially nude) again. Now I know these photos weren’t taken on a set but were made by the paps while she was on her holiday in Mexico, but even then, Kim knows how to work those camera’s. And she’s guilty of posting a lot of her own too.

It all started with photos of her and her adorable offspring North and Saint playing in the sand building sandcastles. But shortly after, these were followed up with Mrs. Kanye West in skin tight suits and barely-there bikinis. THAT BODY. Holy. Hell.

And then the Snapchat videos were posted. Kim twerking. Haven’t seen them yet? Check it out here. Warning: NSFW. Happy Monday!