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the valentines day card

The do’s and don’ts to impress your crush

Sunday is D-Day. Or wait, I mean V-Day. So everyone will be waiting impatiently by their mailbox hoping your mail man will come by and drop off some romantic love letters. But nothing is more disappointing than an over the top cheesy and mediocre (looks like it was done last minute) Valentines Day card. So to make sure the ones you send out will impress your crush, we’ve collected the do’s and don’ts to creating the best of the bunch.

Not To Do

– Cards with hand drawn bears or monkeys. Oh, and musical cards. You know, the ones you open up and some tune starts playing. There are so many cool cards out there, don’t pull yourself through the gutter just to opt for something that looks cheap. Put in some effort. Or get crafty yourself.
– Rose petals. Speaking of cheesy, this is so old school and so not okay. Rose petals are very 1998 and will never be ‘in’ again, although some stores seem to struggle with that fact.
– Scented cards. Scented cards remind me of a rose scent which has long expired. Who wants that? And don’t get me started on lipstick prints. The thought alone that you put on some lipstick just to kiss a sheet of paper…
– Cards bigger than an A3 sheet of paper. Sounds fun, but it’s not. It’s annoying to hold onto, the likelihood of you keeping it is small and it’s just takes up to much space. Pretty much any card this size is ugly. Your text won’t stand out, unless you plan on writing an entire essay or you decided to use the font Comic Sans in size 18. Don’t buy cards that are bigger than an A5. And don’t you dare ever use Comic Sans.
– Be a day late. A Valentines Day card needs to arrive on time. Common sense if you ask me. You don’t want your lover to think you thought of them a little too late. Now it just so happens that this year Valentines Day is on a Sunday, and I doubt there are any postmen that work on that day, so make sure you send it on time. Preferably a day early than a day late.

– End it with ‘secret admirer’. I’m sure you can think of something more original right? And a subtle hint never hurts right, I mean, you don’t want to credit to go to someone else.

To Do

– Go all out with your text. You like the person you’re sending the card to. You like them a lot. So I’m sure it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a text about why you like them. Are you struggling with originality? Opt for some quotes or lyrics from songs.

– PS’s. The card can definitely contain an extra message. For example that you’ve reserved a table at one of your favorite restaurants and that all they have to do is show up.
– Mini experience. A card is not only a card. It’s all about how you send it. Use a wax stamp to seal the envelop and write down the address using your prettiest handwriting. Perhaps you can even get your hands on some customized stamps.

– Humor. Valentines Day is fun, but it doesn’t have to be too deep and profound. Use humor, everyone always has a weak spot for someone who is funny.

– Cards all over the world. Valentines Day isn’t necessarily only for lovers. Send your friends, your sisters or anyone else you can think of a card. Getting mail that isn’t digital is fun for everyone.

– Handwritten. Sounds clear. My love for original handwriting is uncanny. Plus, writing something by hand shows effort and attention.