Look of the day

Tessa Alberts

Tessa spent about six months sitting across from me at our office and happened to be one of the coolest graphic design interns we’ve ever had. And she happened to always be dressed in outfits that made me envious. Well, the blonde babe is back. For the next couple of months she’ll be right back in that seat in front of me and I get to spend the next couple of months staring at her long blonde locks again. And evidently seeing amazing new graphic design work.

On her first day back she decided to impress us with the Tessa humor we all know and love in the form of a denim jacket with some fun patches on it. From Zara by the way, incase you want to purchase it too. She pulled on some black jeans (also from Zara) and completed her outfit with a cool pair of Dr. Martens and a Cartier watch on her wrist. Tessa is ba-haaack. And we’re thrilled.