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I unloaded my suitcase only to reload it right away for a weekend in the suburbs in the Netherlands. Definitely an adjustment after New York, but it made me realize how beautiful my country is. But before I knew it I found myself repacking that exact same suitcase to jet off to Milan for Milan Fashion Week.

I was invited by Patrizia Pepe to join them in Milan and you should know that it’s been one of my favorite brands for years. I’m in love with her lammy’s, her jackets with a twist, her blouses that are secretly body stockings so they never come out of your pants, her wool dresses with bat sleeves and her pleated skirts. Seriously though, open up my closet (from the past fifteen years) and you’ll notice Patrizia is very present in it.

Something you can’t miss during a Milan hazing is have lunch at Corso Como 10

Our hostess is the sweetest and a lot of fun to have as company on the trip. Alongside (the Dutch) ELLE’s shopping editor, a PR maven called Lucie and one of the brains behind the Dutch L’Officiel. But apparently this crowd wasn’t entirely Milan-minded. Or perhaps they were Milan-minded, but they just hadn’t been here all too often so I transformed into somewhat of a city guide.

Something you can’t miss during a Milan hazing is have lunch at Corso Como 10, so that’s where we went. I also happen to have a very cherished memory of this place. We shared antipasti, looked over at Carla Sozzani (owner of the store and sister of Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italia) who made her way to a nearby table and listened to the classic combo of opera music we could hear in a distance.

Colin Farrell walked inside (followed by a herd of groupies) and looked around at the well dressed crowd surrounding us. As much as I’d like to run after Colin, it’s my laptop that needs all the attention because work always comes before the girl, even if the girl is Milan.

Colin Farrell walked inside (followed by a herd of groupies)

After an hour of typing at the hotel we head to hotel Iyo. A hip Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star where you have to make a reservation five months in advance. So there we were, two long tables with international press. There was wine, there was sushi and there were wonderful Italian women. We laughed, talked about life and about Brad and Angelina and what the hell happened there, and of course we didn’t forget to cover the topic of fashion. As you’re reading this, I will have already interviewed Patrizia as well as shopped in the store. Looks like I need a bigger closet…