Obviously in the winter we get decked out in our most comfortable pj’s, but this year, nightwear isn’t only meant for the bedroom. It’s time to show it off. Better yet, some of the biggest names in fashion have been spotted wearing it on the streets. And no, not the entire pj set, but mixed and matched with a leather jacket here and there, some vintage Levi’s jeans and killer heels. We love it.


Never thought your pj’s would make a fashion statement? Well, guess what. It can. And I’ve just shopped ten of the coolest ones for you.


Musthaves kopjes



Double-breasted top, €150,- Love Stories, Boxer €60,- Love Stories

Too cute to sleep in, but perfect to be combined with a leather jacket and biker boots.

Musthaves kopjes2

Silk pajama set, €520,- Equipment

Star enthused. Always a winner.


Musthaves kopjes3

Shortama, €24,99 H&M

A touch of inspiration from the boxing scene for under the sheets.

Musthaves kopjes4

Double-breasted top, €100,- Love Stories, Short, €40,- Love Stories

A double-breasted closing is hot, as shown by Love Stories.


Musthaves kopjes5

Satin pajama set, €500,- Olivia von Halle

Polkadots never bore. Especially not when matched with such a exorbitant color.

Musthaves kopjes6

Pajama, €19,99 H&M

Call it a blouse or a dress. One thing is for sure, it’s incredibly comfy.

Musthaves kopjes7

Pajama top, €17,- River Island, Pajama shorts, €22,- River Island

How fun is this leopard print? And affordable too!


Musthaves kopjes8

Night shirt, €36,- Topshop, Short €29,- Topshop

To add that dash of tropical to your winter.


Musthaves kopjes9

Pajama set, €38,- Topshop


Love at first sight with this set.


Musthaves kopjes10

Satin pajama set, €101,- DKNY

100 % satin. You’re never going to want to take it off.