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What has our girl Bo been up to this past week in New York? Check it out here!

Hey, I’m back at the airport. My bags have been checked in, I stock up on some Dutch cheese and before I know it this mirror selfie is already 9 hours old and I’m back in New York. Exhausted, but incredibly content, I head into the city. A sea of lights, a lot of honking, sirens and people. I open up the car window and I can’t help but feel the urge to hang out of it and blow everyone kisses. But I won’t. The idea alone already makes me feel so content. I’m back home. Like I said, exhausted. As is Blue. But happy nonetheless. And so I tell my fiancé that it’ll be a long time before we move back to the Netherlands.

The blossom on the trees and my eyes peeping out from under my hat. It’s colder than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because it’s only 6:15 AM. Long live jet lag!

New York. Sigh. I think it’s a good thing I was gone for a couple of days because every now and then I would find myself complaining about her. She was too busy. Too crowded. My friends didn’t live here. And sometimes she was just plain old stupid. But that’s in the past. Everything has been put right back into perspective. Obviously New York will always be busy, my friends don’t live here and she can still be a pain in the ass. But it’s home. And look how beautiful she is…

Blue in a sweater. He hates it. I think it’s cute.

I have to be honest and say that I’ve been a little MIA on my blog Sea of Bees. I was a little sick and tired of that whole “hey check me out” pose on photos with the same old riddle about where I bought my things. ‘What the hell am I even doing?’ was the thought that’s been swirling around in the back of my mind. So I gave it a rest. Until I was  taking Blue out for a walk and someone called my name. My first encounter with a New York follower. She even had the same glasses and shoes and told me that she loved my blog and it had inspired her to move to New York. And look, that’s the reason you do it. After her super sweet words I decided it was time for me to go out and snap some photos of my outfits with New York’s cool scenery and write about it. And I now have the intention to keep on doing it.

Decked out in my favorite military jacket I marched to my favorite district where I always work and ordered an XL cappuccino, opened up my laptop and started ticking off my to-do list. First on the list: Amayzine’s photo diary. So, hereby: ‘check!’ See you next week!

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