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Summer is here, fi-na-lly! And just like regular New York weather, the one day you’re walking around in your warmest coat with an umbrella, and then the next day it’s suddenly 30 degrees out. And when it’s that hot out, it’s only natural we start complaining about the heat. So, I put on the most airy pair of trousers I own, head out to the Le Bain roof terrace and toast to the sun. Hello summer, so happy you’re here!

To be honest, you’ll hardly find me in uptown or anywhere about the 28th. But you will today. Heading to the Upper East. The elite district, where some kids head to school in limousines and where the average botox injections is high. And although I find it a little too far from the always lively Down Town, I have to admit that I get these filthy rich inhabitants. My god, it’s beautiful here. Without all the hysterics and busyness of the rest of New York. If we ever win the lottery, then I’d definitely consider living here. Without the kid limos and botox injections though.

Drinking coffee at Match 65, a French bistro with a great terrace. In between taking photos, because that’s the reason we were in Uptown; snapping photos for my blog.

A clean home is a clean head. So I decided to ransack my closet and organize everything. I can’t believe all the things I found. Propped in every possible corner I pull out skirts, tops, slippers and sweaters I had completely forgotten about. Everything I haven’t worn for at least a year gets put into a bag for goodwill. I make sure to check out if there aren’t any holes or stains, and incase there are, I throw them straight into the trash. Everything is back to normal again six hours later and the thought that someone else is going to be really happy with the skirts, tops, slippers and sweaters I found makes me happy.

What do you do on a Sunday? Well, you go and play miniature golf at the Hudson on the Freedom Tower for example. I was so concentrated that I forget to take a photo of the beautiful view. What I did do, is win. And that guy of mine, he was annoyed. The poor thing. Because he never looses. And now he did. After the game we had lunch at my favorite place.

The Waverly Inn. Still a beaut. Another wonderful dinner at a wonderful place with wonderful friends. Two burgers, a Croque Madame and an omelet. It was wonderful at The Waverly.

Exactly a year ago I received a ring that brought me tears of joy and today it’s a bouquet of white roses. I can’t believe we’ve already been engaged for a year. Luckily it still feels like it was yesterday when he popped the question. One more year to go before I get to put on my white dress.

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