7 lessons in style we can learn from


Fashion month has kicked off. This past weekend fashion week in our very own hometown started, after which New York, London, Milan and Paris will be devoted to all that’s new in the world of style. A month during which the definition of the word ‘understated’ turns into: pulling out all the stops. If I need a bit of inspiration, I always make sure to check out the ladies that inspire me.

Today I’m going to kick start the month with Carine Roitfeld, former editor in chief of Vogue Paris and current creative director at Harper’s Bazaar. Cause if there is someone who you will never spot on any drab list

leopard print is always a good idea

No, no, no, it is anything but tacky. Okay, there are ways of wearing it that’ll make you look like you just stepped out of Walmart if you start combining it with other animal prints, but a leopard coat is the perfect item for fashion week. The rest of your outfit can be completely casual. A leopard printed bag or a bit of leopard print on your shoes and you’re front row material.

wear more tight skirts

The knee length pencil skirt is a slasher. It oozes business, it’s super feminine, always à la mode and you can combine it with style tip number one or any of the other items you’ll come across in this list. The synonym for this skirt is s-e-x. Can’t go wrong here.

the scarf

A simple blouse is too plain for Carine. She always adds an extra bit of umph to her outfit by wrapping a scarf around her neck. Works with a simple t-shirt with a round neck line too. It’ll make your outfit exude a bit more rock and roll as well as femininity and another benefit is that it’ll work as a camouflage too incase you’ve got a bit of a wrinkly neck. Which Carine doesn’t have at all, but still.

these shoes

Carine loves everything that is feminine and same goes for her shoes. A standard pair of pumps doesn’t appeal to her. Carine is all about the heel with a strap. A strap (or a band – whichever name you prefer) will separate your foot from your leg. I know, sounds like common sense and a bit odd, but when you see it, you’ll understand.

how to wear your coat

I’ve written about it before. Fashion girls wear their coats draped around their shoulders. And who do we have to thank for that: Carine. Why she does it? It looks chic. It means you don’t have to walk around carrying too many heavy bags full of groceries, you’re heading to your driver, you don’t have to spend half an hour on your bike heading to the Grand Palais. This is what you are exuding, all through the simple task of wearing your arms under the coat instead on in the sleeves.

one colored outfit

Class and style, that’s what you’re portraying when you do this. What will make this even cooler is if you don’t wear a ‘set’ but you combine different items you’ve collected. Just make sure the color palette is the same.

a bit of sheer

Something Carine loves, just like leather by the way. Sheer blouses, a cute bralette underneath and a scarf around your neck. Pair it with a knee length leather skirt and pumps with a strap around the ankle. Voilà.