This is how it’s going to stay put


We’ve all been in that situation. Make-out sessions that last an eternity only to end up with absolutely no trace of lipstick on your lips. Incase you haven’t been stuck in that situation, you can compare it to sipping tea or coffee out of a mug. Lipstick stains all over your mug, and nothing left on your lips. Either of the two are things you would like to avoid. There is a reason you spent some time in front of a mirror carefully applying a little color onto your face so it damn right better stay there. So, time for a round of kiss-proof lipsticks that’ll stay on long past closing. And perhaps even a couple more hours after that.






1. Rouge à lèvres hydratant, €41,95, SISLEY
2. Lancôme lip make up color 278, €33,95, Lancôme
3. Matte lipstick, €19,50, M.A.C Cosmetics
4. Rouge pur couture, €36,95, Yves Saint Laurent
5. Lip Color Matte, €47,95, Tom Ford
6. KissKiss Spring Glow, €38,95, Guerlain
7. Long Last, €24, Clinique
8. Rouge Allure, €35,95, Chanel
9. Creamy Matte Lip Color, €27, Bobbi Brown