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these are the coolest accessories for your pool party

If you happen to live in the Netherlands, England, Germany or any countries surrounding these, it’s hard to believe summer has actually started. When can we expect a visit from the sun because this rain is cramping our style. All we’re asking for is something between 24 and 29 degrees. We’re not too picky.

Thing is, when it’s nice out, there’s only one thing you have to do: organize a pool party. At a pool, or at the beach, a river or a lake. I don’t care where it is, as long as there is water and you’re able to tag along any of these cool accessories:

1. One the number one spot we’ve got this sea shell. The inflatable flamingo is so passé. Okay, still sorta cool, but this one wins. How princess and Barbie-esque is this shell?

2. Look. EVERYTHING you plan on drinking at a pool party needs to come out of these way too cool pineapples. I really couldn’t care less about what you’re wearing, as long as you’ve got this pineapple in hand, you’ll make a fabulous impression.

3. Okay, sorta forget what I said before. Of course it matters what you’re wearing. I think this might just be the best suit for the summer. No matter what size you are, this one will look good. And it’s on sale too. Yehesss!

4. You’ve got sunshades and you’ve got sunshades, This sunshade made out of white lace (you can get it in different colors too if you want) will brighten up any pool party. Like doesn’t cut it. This one is LOVE.

5. Anyone who wants to enjoy a beverage while they’re hanging out in a pool or in the sea, needs one of these. You’ll never have to miss out on a drink again. How luxurious and tropical is that?