Don’t you dare think the summer is almost coming to a close. So the weather in the Northern part of Europe might not be ideal (so lucky you if you have been enjoying that 30 degree temperature weather in other areas of the world), I still believe we’ve got an Indian summer to look forward to. And what will we all be drinking according to the Americans? Frosé. They’re all obsessed with this slushy beverage. Think of it as a slush puppy. You can combine the frozen rosé with different fruit and sweet syrups.

Want to make your own frosé? This is how.

What you need:

a bottle of rosé

100 g sugar

1 glass of water

ice cubes

10 strawberries

juice from two lemons


Pour your rosé into a Tupperware bowl and leave it in your fridge for the night. Cook some water in a pan and add the sugar. As soon as the sugar has resolved, take the pan off the heat and add the strawberries. Then let the syrup rest for about thirty minutes. Take the strawberries out of the syrup by fishing them out or use a sieve. Now add everything into the blender: the frozen rosé, the syrup, the lemon juice and a handful of ice cubes. Pour them into some festive wine glasses and santé!