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What you should do when you’ve got an off day

Sometimes you have one of those off days. You know, a day where nothing goes the way you want it to, you’re feeling on edge and whatever you dig your claws into seems to fail. There is no evident reasoning behind it and it doesn’t always have to mean it’s that time of the month. It’s just an extremely crappy day. Nothing more to it. Everyone has them, they make you crabby, but what you want to do is figure out how to snap out of it as quick as you can. So be kind to yourself and do some of the following:

Buy a bouquet of flowers. Go to the best florist you know and put together the brightest array of flowers you can think of. This will (literally) brighten up your day.

Make your home cozy, light some candles, turn on your favorite music and get comfortable on your couch with a feel good movie. It’s okay to stay indoors and avoid the “outside world” for a couple of hours.

Uncork a bottle of bubbly. Who said champagne was only meant for celebrations?

Blast your music as loud as you can on your headphones and make a detour on your way home. Movement and music always gives you the positive energy you’re looking for.

Spend time making a proper meal in your kitchen. Put more effort into it than you usually do. Fill up your fridge and open a cookbook.

Invite your friends over. It’s better to talk to them than your boy. He might be the sweetest guy on the planet, but for some reason your friends just always understand you a bit better. Especially when you have no concrete explanation for your mood. Try explaining that to a man…

Ask for a hug. Believe me, it helps.