Which item of clothing immediately puts you in a summer mood?

For this summer I have decided to make dresses my staple piece. Flowy dresses, high heels and you’re good to go. And I’m yearning for something with fringes. I don’t care what, as long as it swings and flutters.

How many trips are currently on your menu?

Besides the occasional city trip here and there I haven’t really made any holiday plans. I plan to make another long trip over Christmas and New Years, so this summer I want to keep my money in my pocket (uhm or spend it at Net-A-Porter). Perhaps a week or two on the Italian coast, but who knows what kind of crazy travel offer I might come across in which case I might relocate myself, and my towel, to another picture perfect little beach.

Where are we guaranteed to bump into you this summer?

I am already looking forward to those long summer nights on Amsterdam’s terraces or just a cute little picnic in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is high on my to do list too.