A day without Chanel is a day without May-Britt. If she could, she would transform the terrace at The Standard in New York into her, and the other editors’, very own workspace. Our health editor would order the snacks, the clock would be somewhere around five and there would be a new record of viewers on


If there was one outfit you were allowed to keep, which would it be?

My Rag & Bone jeans because they always have a nice and skinny fit the first day I wear them, then they get a little more baggy afterwards which makes me feel more slim. My ‘Je t’aime mama’ Moschino heels and something from Isabel Marant as a top. And last, but never least, a Chanel cross body bag.


What’s the most dangerous part of your job?

That I set foot into too many stores for ‘work’ or to buy outfits ‘for other people’ and then suddenly, without even realizing it, I buy ‘something’ for myself.


Describe yourself in four hashtags?