Daily May

Daily May

I spent a few days playing Sticky Bud to Maartje Verhoef at the last New York Fashion Week. I followed her absurd schedule and saw what a top sport the life of a top model is. Half way through day 1, Maartje doubled the heel of her shoe over and decided to walk with it like that. She had blisters of 3 centimetres by 3 centimetres. Did she complain? No way. On to the next fitting with Donna Karan and the show by Versus and DvF.

“You must be so proud of your daughter.” One of the make-up artists said to me backstage. I took the fact that she thought I was Maartje’s mother as a compliment regardless of the word ‘old’ resonating loudly in it, still a compliment. Imagine going birth to such a gorgeous creation.

Maartje is now in full gallop around the world. From Florence to St. Barth’t to Miami, Shanghai and back to New York. Yet she still makes time to like us on Instagram, to send an email and even to write a blog.

Yesterday one of the many couriers who deliver daily packages rang the bell. ‘Caution, Fragile’ was written on the box. Jet and I went to work with a scissors, knife and screw driver. Four mugs from the brand Blond Amsterdam. One for a green-girl, that was Jet, one for a fashionista (I took that one), a beauty queen and one about men. That one had to be for Liesbeth. And three packs of tea and the sweetest card. From Maartje.

Dearest Maartje, I’m obviously not your mother. But I am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for this amazing Christmas gift. We’re thinking about you even more than before.

BY May-Britt Mobach
Jongleert doordeweek met kinderen en laptops, vermoedt een serieuze shopverslaving en probeert lichtelijk obsessief latte- en wijngebruik van zich af te schudden door overmatig veel te sporten.
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