5 reasons

we’re addicted to Dior Addict


It surprises me that I haven’t been enrolled into some kind of clinic yet because I am seriously addicted to all kinds of beauty products. The powder by Guerlain, the Chanel foundation, Bobbi Brown’s blush and O.P.I. Nailpolish. And now a new addiction has popped up, convienently called Dior Addict meaning it was meant to be taken up in the lineup. Why? I’ll sum it up for you. But watch out or you’ll be balancing on the verge of addiction too.




Just seeing the colors is enough to cause visible signs of a serious addiction. 35 different ‘nuances’ divided by color scale. There are glow colors with a subtle color and a lovely shimmer. Flash colors which speak for themselves; think in the range of bright orange or pretty purple and the category glitter brings shine and sparkle to the lips. There are a few It-shades everyone should have making this all so much more addictive.




Beside the fact that the colors look great on your lips, Addict does more. The lipstick has a 40% oil-filled core, three of the most shimmering oils that Dior also uses in their other beauties. Very smooth and nourishing as that’s what we’re used to at Dior’s.



great coat

That holographic transparant effect it gives your lips makes it an It-item all on it’s own. Open it, look at the color and you got yourself a great gift.




shine shine shine

Yes, that’s the whole point to the story. The shine is just extreem. Caused by some kind of gel-effect giving the lips a sort of topcoat on top of the already shiny gloss.



jennifer Lawrence

According to Dior they can sum up the essence of the lipstick in a few words: daring,modern, elegant and flagrant. This brings us to Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the face of Dior Addict. Look at the pictures and you’ll totally get it.



Dior Addict lipstick, €37, Dior