How to talk yourself into buying something expensive 

Do you know how some people feel a flu coming on? Well, that’s how I feel when preparing myself for an expensive purchase. Whoever has been a loyal follower of Amayzine from the start will know that the process of my buying a Proenza Schouler bag is exemplary for my purchase habits as I always buy things that are over my budget. It all starts with an idea (“like isn’t this bag so very me?”) that turns into an urge (“OMG this bag is so me!”) after which it becomes hysterically mandatory (I MUST HAVE this bag!). Followed by some things about financing and how in the world I am going to afford it. To get from one stage to the other I have to overcome many psychological obstacles to talk myself into actually buying the desired object and here they come.

Disclaimer: fathers and everyone with a sense of reality should stop reading here. 

This is a Classic

This statement in it’s self is already a classic. We think we can justify our purchase by saying “it’s a classic”. But it really does help because spending over a thousand dollars on an item needs a good base and this one is fundamental to reach the next stage. So say it out loud, and be proud: it’s a classic.

It will lift up my entire wardrobe”

Imagine me wanting (mmm what shall I say?) the Givenchy Shark Lock Wedge Knee Boots. Now bear with me as I, in theory (so purely hypothetically) have arrived at the hysterical stage. At this point I say to myself that every item in my wardrobe will benefit from me buying these boots. Total nonsense of course because if I still happened to be in the first stage the urgency to buy them wouldn’t be there but that doesn’t matter because they really do make everything in my closet look better. See how it works?

Other things are even more expensive”

This is the one you use in the urge and the hysterical stage because you wanting the item is now a fact. The question is; how do you validate your marginally shallow purchase of a coat/bag/shoes so you common sense will cave in? By saying that there are other things that are way more expensive. Making your desired object look less expensive and therefore justified and accessible. So imagine you are still working on the Givenchy boots (this is all still purely hypothetical) and you look at boots by Alaïa and Louboutin, these are both twice the price of the Givenchy boots, which all of a sudden doesn’t sound like such a bad deal at all.

If you buy the shoes and I buy the bag we’re both broke and total nutters”

Surround yourself with people that understand what you’re going through and try to convince them to buy something expensive too. Together you’re strong and as long as you’re not in the hysterical stage on your own, none of you will notice. So if I want the boots I’ll try and convince Jet to buy that Valentino bag she always wanted and I’ll see if I can get May-Britt to join the club. If we all do it, we’re all broke and all deliriously happy. And that’s fun! Whatever you do, stay away from people who don’t understand (men, fathers, bank and tax people). They will only ruin it all by talking about responsibility or say things like: “ you can’t afford that Liesbeth”. And on that mindset you will never get that coat/bag/shoes that you so desperately want.

Yes, but I don’t have the money.”

These thoughts are necessary to get from the hysterical stage to the buying stage. ELLE’s Stefanie Bottelier and Ilonka Leenheer are my unpraised heroic forerunners. They app with each other for hours when shopping and have collected loads of arguments that secure the fact that buying ‘it’ is a terrific idea. Especially the one ‘I just don’t have the money” they rectify that by thinking: “ yes well if I buy the bag I still won’t have any money but I’ll have the BAG!” Now that’s logic speaking! Besides there is nothing more frustrating in life than unbought or sold out items. So live in the now. You might not think it’s a good idea to buy it as taxes are coming up and you want to go on vacation in two months time but hey, what’s a savings account if you end up under a bus within a month. So buy those boots cause if you do end up under that bus at least you’ll look very stylish.