Things that are okay to spend a bit more money on

People are always a bit frightened when it comes to discussing finances. Especially when they try to be as savory with their money as they can. But you know, there are some things in life where it is okay to spend just that bit of extra on. If they improve your life then what’s the big deal?

a maid

Next to working a full time job, it’s definitely possible to find a few hours each week to pull out all your cleaning gear, but let’s be real. Those hours you have off are scarce and there are a ton of other things you’d rather be doing with your time than cleaning your house. I always felt very flustered having a maid because I found it to be very “wealthy white western female” until I once read that you have to realize that that is their job and everyone has to help each other our in their different fields of work. Just think about that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a cleaner.

a Personal trainer

For anyone that enjoys working out but has a hard time finding the motivation and discipline to do so (especially when you work out alone), then a personal trainer is very much worth the money. It’s such a waste if a part of your monthly paycheck goes to a gym where you hardly ever make an appearance, so it’s better you spend that extra bit of cash (or a huge chunk) on one that comes with a trainer. You bet it’ll help get you’re a** to the gym on a regular basis. It’ll be money well spent rather than money down the drain.

a handyman

There was a time when my best friend and I thought hanging a couple of frames onto a slanted ceiling would be insanely easy. The result: immense holes in my plastered walls, broken frames and a whole lot of anger and frustration. Never ever again as you might understand. Just hire someone who actually knows what they’re doing. It might cost a little more, but then at least you know it’ll be done right.

Economy Comfort

After being boosted up to business class for an extremely long flight I can completely understand why people pay the extra cash. Now I know flying business is not something I’ll be able to do regularly, but an upgrade to Economy Comfort, that is something I can do. Take New York for example. It’s roughly an additional €80 and although I haven’t done it yet myself, after my business class experience,  I definitely allow myself that extra bit of comfort.

A Shoemaker

I know tons of women who never go to a shoemaker because they refuse to spend their money on one. Okay, so a new shoe sole might cost you around €40, new heels roughly €10, plus an additional €30 if you want everything fixed. “That’s an absurd EIGHTY euros for shoes I bought for barely 70!” But ladies look, that’s not how it works. Shoes need a bit of TLC if you want them to keep their ‘just purchased look and feel.’ You like them right? Wear them all the time? Then take good care of them. Even if it costs more than you’d like to spend.

a hairdresser

Not a lot of things are as important as you hair is so it’s a complete mystery as to why some women decide to get their hair chopped by an amateur. It might be cheap but no one is ever really thrilled with the end result. Seriously ladies, take the pain and spend those €80 on a professional who knows what he or she is doing. A good head a hair turns every lousy day into a good one.