lipstick reveals more than you think

– What the shape says about you –



The color of your nails or your lips can say a lot about you, but did you know that your lipstick itself can do this too? After having applied a new lipstick on a few times, it takes on it’s own unique shape, and that shape can reveal your personality. So voilà, read and learn.



Like you or hate you; that’s how people feel about you. Either you get along really well, or they despise you. Kind of as if you have some sort of split personality. It’s probably because you’re always very keen on forcing your opinion on everyone. But on the other end,  you’re always up for a helping hand for anyone in need.



People usually refer to you as the funniest person they know; because you’re quick, intelligent and witty. Though you can get very heated during discussions. But people will easily let that slide since you always have a joke as compensation.



You’re a warm-hearted person who prefers to be surrounded by friends and family. You enjoy catering to anyone and everyone and have absolutely no problem with unexpected visitors. You’re an artistic type. Music, writing, painting; you enjoy all of it.



You’re quite the neat freak and perfectionist. You never want people you know to be disappointed in you and you absolutely never want to hurt anyone. This might make you come off very conservative though. But on the other hand, you’re extremely sweet and very social.



You never shy away from being a hard worker. Your curiosity is endless and you’re always up for taking a gamble here and there. You are fearless, a true daredevil and guaranteed to really get far in life. The future can be very exciting, but you also like the security you have ‘in the now.’


Naturally, you’re a born tease. You know exactly how to flirt. This leads to quite a bit of friends and foes, but you only flirt whenever it suits you. Aside from this, you’re also a very active person. Sitting still is not something you’re capable of. A true entrepreneur rather than a couch potato.



You’re very ambitious and a natural born leader. Always down to organize an occasional party. Very eager to be in charge and you want to have control of any situation you’re in. But when things don’t go your way, you can’t help but panic.

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