– a list of do’s and don’ts –


Okay we might play hooky on the weekend sometimes but otherwise we love a fresh coat. According to Dutch Harper’s Bazaar editor in chief Cécile Narinx every woman should treat herself to a monthly manicure and we totally agree. But where do we find the time? So we DIY; the bathing, the filing, the polishing. Let’s sum up all the do’s and don’t.



  • Always start a manicure with a bath. A little lukewarm water, a few drops of oil and a soak for five minutes. It’s a bore as you can’t hold your mobile to check your Instagram but this leaves your hands feeling very soft making it well worth your while to follow through on the rest of the manicure.
  • Use a glass file. It has a finer texture, which protects and closes off the nail rim. You can’t file your nails too short and can only file in one direction but you can remove ridges. Besides it’s very hygienic as the file is so easy to clean.
  • Use a base coat. Seems unessential but it’s a great base for the color and ensures your natural nail doesn’t take on the color of the polish.
  • Take your time. You might have a polish that dries in 10 seconds but in reality it’s always more. Work in layers, let it dry sufficiently and you efforts won’t go to waste as quickly. Yes, this is mother Josselin speaking.



  • Don’t file in both directions, choose one. If you go at it both ways your nails are in danger of splitting.
  • The metal file is your cheapest option but not your best. Rather use a cardboard file. Theere’s the chance of splitting your nails when using a metal file.
  • Don’t cut you cuticles. It might cause infections, not nice.
  • Leave the remover that contains acetone at the sidelines. Acetone is very hefty, it will remove the polish in one wipe but also dries out the skin. There are enough options out there that don’t contain acetone or have substituted it with macadamia oil. This oil cleanses thoroughly and nourishes as well.

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