6 kinds of shoes

every woman should have

In my book, the first part of putting together an outfit always starts with the shoes. And a bit of what my schedule looks like that day. Is my agenda packed with meetings, then I’ll most likely opt for a pair of sneakers of fancy flats for comfort. Nothing is worse that having your feet ache when you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. I’ll just block out those times I strutted through Milan and Paris for fashion weeks on sky high beauties with burning feet. Time, and travel, have taught me to be more critical when it comes to your wardrobe. Do I really need that? So I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only six types of shoes a woman really needs to own. I repeat: types. That doesn’t mean you only need to own one pair of each type.

As I already mentioned: the sneaker. And then I’m not referring to the kind you wear when you’re working out, but a fashionable pair that gives your outfit that extra bit of umph. There are so many cool renditions of sneakers and a lot of designers have teamed up with cool sports brands to create the perfect pair. Take Raf Simons for example who teamed up with Adidas to design some classics for the summer. You can get your hands on these bad boys half way through February. I like!

A definite winner in your wardrobe and one you can’t live without are slip-ons. Ever since slip-ons made a comeback last summer, it has stolen everyones hearts. Kind of a different breed of sneakers, but then classier. Mostly because it doesn’t have any laces, stripes or numbers on it. Satin slip-ons are my favorite (like this one above).

I’ve never wanted flats as much as I do now because they have a way of transforming any outfit into a more fashionable one. It’s a classic too. Pair it with a cute short dress or rolled-up skinny jeans. Be bold and try opting for one with a leopard print and laces.

When it comes to boots, you definitely need two different kinds. Flat ones à la biker boots and heeled ones. For the biker boots it’s even better if you go for a pair with studs cause it’ll give that extra bit of edge to any outfit. Works well with fitted leather pants or a cute skater fit skirt. Ankle booties with a heel are perfect for wide trousers or a fun party dress. Plus they work well with all your work-wear at the office.

High heeled pumps are a must. Although a major no-go with a dress because then you’ll look just a bit too frumpy. Pair them with fitted jeans – very sexy. You’ll transform your daily look into a party one in a whim.

Use this checklist when you’re cleaning out your shoe closet. I bet there are a ton of things you can throw out that don’t make the cut. But it’s never a bag thing to have different variations of one type. Just sayin’…

Written by Simone Dernee