6 trends to ditch


A new year means new rules, so in the name of fashion I am asking you to critically go through your closet and bid farewell to the following items.

the culottes

We gave it a shot, really, we did. Our men hated it and to be fair, we only really liked them combined with people who had legs for days. We tried matching them with our most expensive heels and oversized Céline coats but it just didn’t work. Sorry culotte, time to go….

flamboyant ear parties

I’ll admit to it. I was glad to see the focus steering back to our ears and that instead of pulling off the regular matching earrings, people were a bit more daring. But the over the top ear parade time is surely over now, don’t you think? Just opt for a statement piece this time around and you don’t have to make it too matchy-matchy. I mean, you’re not going to tell me you only have one hole pierced in your ear are you?

bye bye sea of flowers

We spotted a lot of flower prints which zoomed in on the flowers itself. Flowers are definitely still a theme, but the print has turned into a botanical garden where you can see the flower’s stems and leaves and perhaps even a cute little bunny (as Topshop did).

the marine stripe 

It’s a classic piece Coco Chanel gave us and obviously it is one that will always stay on trend. However, many designers have given new life to the marine stripe making it thicker, and sometimes even double colored (other than the usual blue and white) combining horizontal and vertical stripes. Marine look 2.0.

Either-or becomes and-and

Back in the day (which in the world of fashion is referred to as a few months ago) you would either opt for earrings or a necklace. Wearing earrings, a necklace and glasses was a no-go. But times have changed. Check out the latest Gucci collection. The letters ‘OTT’ no longer exist. You’re going to want a necklace AND earring AND a beret AND a big bow around your neck. We’ll save the words ‘too much’ for a different fashion era.

buh-bye pumps

I’m exaggerating, your pumps are more than welcome with a pair of jeans (preferably a baggy boyfriend fit). But matching them with a dress (more specifically a lingerie inspired dress) is from now on a no-go. Too old fashioned, to dull, not enough bit. Combine that dress with edgier shoes. Like short cowboy boots or ballerina flats.

Written by Simone Dernee