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handy kitchen appliances

That are going to make your life a lot easier

I have an uncle who lives in Italy. He makes his own olive oil (best you’ll ever have), brews his own liquor and he has barrels of home-made wine in his storage. And once he’s gone through his entire batch, he’ll make more. Not to mention his cooking skills. He is quite the chef. He’ll wake up bright and early to make fresh pasta and as soon as you’ve finished your plate and think: “My god that was great, I’m so full,” he’ll bring out the chicken. Or the stuffed octopus. I’ve been trying to persuade him to make lighter meals like using strings of zucchini as pasta. I sent him a Spirelli (you know, one of those kitchen spiralizers for vegetables) and he reciprocated by sending me  a fries cutter. Ever since, the game of who can send each other the handiest kitchen utensils has begun.

A cherry pitter. How can you ever live without one?

Mango slicer. The best fruit in the world, but also the most annoying one to slice. People, stress no more, there is a mango slicer.

Strawberry slicer. For perfect slices for your breakfast toast.

Melon slicer. Perfect for afternoon pick nicks.

Garlic chopper. You can say goodbye to your hands reeking of garlic.