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Artwork for your wall for close to nothing

I’ve collected so many rolls of tape over the past few years that I have built up a life time supply. I hardly used it a few years back, but now I can’t get enough of taping my entire house. My collection is huge and the rolls cost next to nothing, and there is so much of it to use on one roll. So instead of buying little gifts, you get wallpaper, and then you use the leftovers to make your own works of art. It’s time to create your own little Guggenheim at home. If you’ve been collecting cool invitations, magazine editorials, cute stickers, posters and what not, you probably piled them up somewhere in a random corner of your house – which makes them pretty useless. The solution is simple: buy a couple of rolls of Washi tape. It’s tape made of paper that you can use to pimp every gift you wrap or to create a work of are out of everything you’ve been hoarding. Use it to hang things up or turn it into a frame and create your own cool masterpiece. If you have nothing to hang up or to frame, you can also just use the tape to make something original. Plus, the tape sticks easily so it will hardly take any time. Another bonus is that it won’t ruin your wall paper or plaster when you rip it off! So go on, make your own little mood board, grab some rolls of tape and get to work on your very own masterpiece. Enjoy!

Graphic designs

You can create a whole skyline without even one brush of paint. And how about graphic houses and animals? I would recommend you steer clear of anything round cause this is a shape that’s a little harder to create.  Graphics are easy as well as modern and cool, so definitely a nice little upgrade for your humble abode.

Allover wallpaper

In case you don’t want to cover your entire wall but you want to spice it up; tape will be your friend. Be innovative, create your own wall design. And if you aren’t too handy, nonchalant is okay too. Just as fun actually.

Frame it!

Here’s where I get back to all of the cool items you’ve been hoarding. You can hang it up with some tape or you can create frames with the tape. Be original when it comes to sticking it on your wall.

Photos: Pinterest