sleeping beauty

7 steps to becoming one


If you’ve seen Sleeping Beauty, you’ll know it’s possible to turn into a drop dead gorgeous stunner overnight. A good night’s sleep, hopefully consisting of an extra hour per night, is the base of having a great hair day, a flawless face and radiant eyes. What I would suggest? Quit snoozing and just set that alarm clock of yours a little later tomorrow morning.



1. Vaseline

If you want to wake up with your feet as soft as satin, smear some Vaseline on them, put on some socks and off to bed you go. It’s far from sexy, but it’ll be totally worth it the next day.


2. Bags under your eyes

Are you just as fed up with waking up with bags under yours eyes as we are? Then make sure to add another pillow under the one you sleep on. An extra pillow will elevate your head a tiny bit, which will keep the blood flowing and in turn, will keep those bags under your eyes at bay. You’ll wake up looking a lot more refreshed.


3. No bad hair day

Going out for drinks and staying in bed a bit longer the next day shouldn’t be the cause of a bad hair day. If you jump under the shower before you go to bed, you’ll wake up a little more refreshed and with the added bonus of a gorgeous head of hair. Put your hair in a braid when it’s still wet or twist it up into a bun. Your hair will dry while you’re sleeping and you’ll wake up with a hairdo to die for.


4. Water

Water, water and more water. Put a bottle of water next to your bed for when you wake up at night or in the morning. This way, you don’t have to get out of bed to hydrate yourself. Oh, and crèmes are also part of the hydration routine. Treat your skin with a serum and night crème and apply generously. Those crèmes will set in and revitalize your skin throughout the night. You’ll wake up with skin as soft as a baby. Just don’t forget to cleanse your skin thoroughly beforehand; otherwise it’ll all be for nothing. And that would be a shame now, wouldn’t it?


5. Pillowcase

Again, sounds very Disney, right? We’re just trying to stay in line with the Sleeping Beauty vibe we’ve got going on. A well-chosen pillowcase is very important. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase, your skin has more room to breathe and plus, it makes your hair soft and shiny. It appears to be THE golden rule in preventing wrinkles.


6. Dashing lashes

Time to reopen that Vaseline jar from step 1. Your lashes can heal and grow immensely while you’re off in Dreamland. Apply a layer of Vaseline with a tiny comb or something of the likes to help the process along. Just make sure to cleanse your eyes well in the morning and you’ll be left with longer and extremely healthy lashes. Voila; another way to create a well rested look.


7. Hair repair

Don’t feel like taking a shower right before bed? No problem. You can also apply a hair mask or use coconut oil. It sounds gross, but it can nurture your hair intensely during the night. Rinse out all the product in the morning and you’ve got yourself a head full of shiny and soft hair.