As you might remember, Reddit is my favorite site when it comes to figuring out what keeps people preoccupied in the digital world. This site happens to be mostly dominated by man, but that small chunk of women recently came together to try and get the answer to the following questions: “What is the one thing you just can not understand about guys?” The answers were definitely familiar ones, so ladies, the next time you hang out with the opposite sex, ask them these questions and don’t hesitate to share their answers with me?



– “I want to know how the fuck you guys take your shirt off by pulling it over your head from behind. How? I don’t understand. Also, why are you in the bathroom so long to shit? Is there some kind of web conference going on that I’m not aware of?”


– “Why does it take 45 minutes to almost over an hour for you guys to “poop”?”


– “When watching TV, reading or on the computer why is your hand always down your pants??? I just don’t get it.”


– “Sorry for bitching, and this certainly doesn’t apply to all guys, but how do you not notice when that girl you’re hitting on isn’t interested, or worse yet; growing increasingly uncomfortable?”


– “I don’t understand how men can hand out together all the time, and have no substantial conversations. My husband can watch football with a buddy for 12 hours and basically say nothing. How does that happen?”


– “Why most guys can just turn their emotions off like its nothing.”


– “I want to know what it’s like when guys poop. Does your dick touch the water? Do you hold it to make it not touch? And what if you have to shit AND pee? Which one is done first?”


– “Do you just not see the mess? On my husband’s days off, he always asks me what I want him to do around the house that day. I don’t know, look around. If it needs cleaned, clean it. Why are you even asking?”


– “Why do you get so nitpicky about removing pubic hair? It’s not that much of a problem.”


– “Why we simply can’t pull over and ask someone for directions or use our GPS like sane millennials in the 21st century.”


– “How come when we are sick we are expected to still do everything as usual, but when you are sick the world is obviously ending and you are dying from a cold?”


– “How they can feel comfortable all day with a hanging appendage between their legs.
And where exactly their cock is in jeans. Is it like off to the side on one leg?”