Not everyone believes in good resolutions, but the trick is to avoid setting the bar too high and to not be too strict with yourself. Good, I’m going to try, so I’ve set a few goals for myself. And I like these goals. So if all goes well I should be able to achieve them, with time and discipline. You see I want to run another half marathon (with a good finish time) and to make it more exciting reading material for you, it seemed like a good idea to start with becoming bikini-proof. I need to ultimately end up doing all the training and controlling of carbohydrates myself, but I have decided to call on a few troops for help: the boys from Personal Body Plan and the man that I can’t live without: Robby Nelson. Let me introduce you:

He may look friendly, but trust me, Robby only needs to tap you and you’ll end up on the ground. He needs to be good, because he protects Doutzen when she’s in the country and he sticks close to Tommy Hilfiger’s side when he is here on business. Robby is a European and World Champion kick-boxer, is the Dutch Free Fighting champion and has spent 24 years in the ring. I’m just saying. In other words: keep on his good side and do what he says. As I always do. If all goes well, I’ll be skipping carefree over the beach this summer and finishing the half marathon in record time. Robby lets me mess around with a boxing ball and does a lot of circuit and interval training. He has huge car tyres lying around his gym to throw around, tree stumps to lift when doing squats or weights to tie around your legs during knee-lifts. And there are plenty of mats around to do so many stomach exercises on, that you won’t be able to laugh for three days.


I’m also going to try the Personal Body Plan. Tom, founder of this training method and of the app will be coaching me. It’s an app that is your personal trainer, nutrition expert and lifestyle coach. It all comes down to self discipline in the end, but you do receive a plan, which tells you how long and what to train and advice on what to eat (you get recipes!) to help you achieve your goal. Furthermore, you’ll receive motivational messages on your iPhone and if you’re having a dip or just a question, you can chat with your coach. I think I’m already pretty healthy, but I think that Tom can teach me more. If you already train a lot, food is extremely important. I mean you could run excessively or hang out with weights constantly, but don’t forget that it’s very important to pay attention to your diet.


Okay, I’m starting next week. I’ll keep you updated weekly about how it’s going and what I’m doing. Alongside that I’ll show you some exercises that you can easily do at home and I’ll give you some handy tips. Don’t get a fright if you see a glass of wine or a cheese platter in-between, because those are things that I usually like doing and it needs to all stay pleasant and not become punishment. I’ll be giving away a few cool trainings, so stay posted, because who knows, we may end up hanging out in the ring together sometime. We’re stronger together anyway.


I’m not sure which marathon I’ll be running in yet. I do know for sure that the entire Amayzine team will be there with a glass of wine to cheer me on. And they keep bringing it up so I’d better get on with it.