There was a time that May-Britt needed encouragement to buy a designer bag. No longer necessary. Today she’s showing off her latest acquisition; the limited edition Tommy Hilfiger bag.

Tell us

“October is the month that I always donate to fighting cancer. One hundred euros (of the €295) euro cost of this bag goes to Breast Health International. Two birds with one stone, helping a charity and a new piece of arm candy for me.”

What do they do with the money?

“Some things are not reimbursed if you have breast cancer. Irregular care for your children for instance. Or the hiring of help to make sure that dinner is on the table for your family, and for you. Breast Health International helps women with these unforeseen costs. A sympathetic initiative.”

Was it love at first sight?

“It’s a real Tommy-bag. All American and no-nonsense. It’s practical, with two pockets on the front, strong and can carry a lot. The tassel with leather fringe finishes it off. I like carrying it with a casual office look, but today it’s doubling up as luxury nappy-bag.”

How many bags do you have, Ms. Mobach?

“Eeeehm, let me see. Three Chanel bags, two from Louis Vuitton, a DvF clutch, three Tod’s bags, one Chloé, one MiuMiu, a super cute clutch from Maje and now this one. An insurance agent recently asked the value of my bags. The poor man nearly fell off his chair.”

What do you drag around with you all day?

“My iPhone of course, a charger, my Louis Vuitton keyring with a lucky doll that Danie Bles gave me, my Chanel purse, which is a gorgeous farewell gift from my Marie Claire colleagues, a chestnut that my daughter found on the stoop this morning and proudly presented to me, a bag of bites we love, which is a very happy and healthy snack for when I don’t have time for lunch again, my make-up or as colleague Karen van Ede calls it; ‘my face’ and let’s not forget the keys to my new friend the Renault Twingo.”

Does a bag do something for you?

“What do you think? I recently had an unexpected (was not in my agenda) press-dinner. I was wearing a casual jump suit, but had a good pair of heels on and my mattelassé on my shoulder, so absolutely nothing to worry about clothing-wise.”

Anything else on the wish list or are you satisfied?

“There is nothing that keeps me awake at night. But five minutes in a Chanel boutique and I’m lost.”