Our health and fitness editor Jet is hibernating for the entire month of November to cook up a storm. Or in her case, a cookbook. And since she doesn’t want us to go off the deep end when it comes to health, she’s found a couple a cool fit girls to guide us through the month. Last week we had food, travel and sports blogger Jenny Alvares, and now we’ve got Dutch hockey champ Ellen Hoog taking over the wheel. 


Am I always in the mood to train? Hell no, I’m not always in the mood to get my a** kicked working out. But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being on the field or being in the gym. And it just so happens that you release endorphins when you’re doing so, which makes you feel content and satisfied. So it’s safe to say I have a bit of an endorphin addiction. That still doesn’t mean I don’t enough nights spent on the couch or going out to dinner on a Friday night rather than train. How do I go about handling this?




Find a buddy to work out with. Plan at least one workout date a week. And then don’t go asking your ‘I would rather go drink gin tonics than work out’ friend but find that Sporty Spice out of the bunch. The one that’ll make you feel guilty if you call off your appointment. So guilty that you’ll try to make you own boyfriend (who’s being your fellow couch potato) agree with you that it was okay to cancel, right? RIGHT? That kind of friend. Check. I’m in the lucky situation that I’ve got 16 team mates I share the field with. So if I’m ever not in the mood to workout, if I’m crabby or tired, they’ll pull me through it. Doing it together is always better than alone. Common sense, I know, but then make use of it.



Is it one of those ‘it’s raining outside and it’s nice and warm inside’ kind of days? You want to go and work out but you don’t want to set foot into the cold? I feel you! Three things to do: 1 Turn on your TV, 2 Look up your favorite show on Netflix and 3 Grab a mat or a stack up a few towels and work it, baby! There are a ton of workouts you can do outside of the gym and in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is use your own body weight. Do push ups with Harvey Specter (or Mike for those that prefer him, but I am 100% on team Harvey) on your TV screen.



Our reggae friend Bob Marley once said: “One good things about music is when it hits, you feel no pain.” See, now that’s the kind of mentality that we need. Grab your headphones, turn on your workout playlist and get carried away. Don’t have a workout playlist yet? Well then I’ve got a few songs here for you that we always listen to:


– Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

– Disclosure – Omen (Claptone Remix)

– Steve Aoki – Boneless

– PANG! – Walking in the sun

– Big Wild – Aftergold

– Florence + The Machine – Spectrum

– Disclosure – When a fire starts to burn


Buy a cool new workout outfit. For some reason it works as a real good trigger. I catch myself looking at everyone who runs past me decked out in head to toe running gear.

I know it might come off as a bit pathetic, but trust me, take part in this effective method to get you to work out and blow everyone away with what you’re wearing. It’s okay to impress others.



When you do have the time but you aren’t in the mood to lock yourself up in a gym: Urban walking. Walking until the sun comes up. Bring a backpack, a bottle of water and a kaki (the forgotten fall fruit) and head out the door. Look around you. Observe, educate yourself about your surroundings. From facial expressions, houses and the leaves that have fallen from the trees. We’ve found ourselves in a fast paced sports mode that sometimes even the New York marathon doesn’t excite us anymore. Convince yourself that a city or country side walk is good for you and enjoy it. Because fair is fair: an hour long city stroll is not only healthy, it’s a fat burner and it’ll make you happy.