how technology can save your relationship


So yesterday I discussed how dreadful smart phones are when it comes to love and romance but good and bad always go hand in hand so there are also a few good things when it comes to todays technology. There is a reason we are glued to our phones and in the following situations, our cell phones are gifts from God.


the long distance relationship

Yeah, how about giving that a go without a smartphone. Even when you’re traveling it’s an essential necessity. FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, having a relationship when you’re living on two separate sides of the planet is impossible without the internet. Isn’t it heart warming knowing you’re still able to see each other every night through FaceTime?


Tinder and Happn

Say about it what you want, I know quite a few happy couples who met through Tinder or Happn. And if it didn’t result in a relationship, then at least they were successful one night stands, and those too, are worth something.


Social media flirt

I had a social media flirt for about a month with some random good looking guy. We didn’t know each other, but we were passionately liking each others photos, sending one another ambiguous messages and had endless chat sessions through Twitters DM function. Seriously, it was intense.


your booty call

Hello! Your booty call! How the heck are you supposed to contact them without a cell phone? Although the call nowadays has been replaced by a text. But still,  the end result is the exact same.


Uber chivalry

I find this to be so charming. When your date comes to an end and he gets out his phone to get you an Uber and as you set one foot into the car you give him a fiery kiss before whisking off. The only downside: he’ll know where you live, but then again, the next time you see him, the two of you will be Ubering off to your house together anyway.



This one has its pros and cons, but I personally love long Whatsapp convo’s. Is the guy great with words? Then he’s got me hooked. Another pro: sending each other photos. Of yourself, where you are, pretty much everything. But please help me god, NO dick pics. Thank you.