Today in the category It Gets Even Crazier we present to you: the temperature controlled wardrobe. Besides being a mouthful it’s a very expensive way of storing your clothes. Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans.

Vicky coughs up a monthly 25.000 pounds for a space in the vaults of Vault Couture. Vault Couture offers rich people the service of storing their expensive designer pieces in a museum like environment so they will stay at their best forever. Which is what Gwyneth does. On her site she wrote her super-sized wardrobe was overflowing with clothes and that she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the task of ‘clearing out my closet.’ Don’t think things are easy for those poor wealthy superstars.

But even ordinary people can enjoy Vault Couture’s services. Okay maybe the somewhat ordinary person. It’s suppose to be a common concept in big cities like London and Hong Kong where real estate prices are sky high and people don’t have enough space for their clothes. An external storage offers them a solution. For 7 pounds a month per piece you can use Vault Couture. It makes quite a bill but then you do get something in return.

Every item is stored in it’s own garment bag which hangs in a temperature regulated hall which in size you can compare to the ones at the MET Museum. They also take a picture of every piece so that you can see on their website using a special log in code, thereby creating your own virtual wardrobe. And of course you can have your clothing sent to you anywhere in the world. So if you happen to be on a business trip in Shanghai but you insist on having that Peter Pilotto dress from the vault in London, that won’t be a problem. Or even better you can virtually pack for your vacation. Imagine you have a trip to Italy planned in three weeks, fill your virtual ‘Travel Bag’ with everything you want to take with you and press send so that it’s transported to your destination in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know about you but I want this. Anybody have any money left over from their last paycheck?