– Camera –


I’m going to begin with a rant. I really have a love-hate relationship with cameras. On the one side I have absolutely no interest to be in a picture and posing is far from my favorite thing, but then on the other hand it’s always so nice have these personal moments captured and to look back on snapshots. My fellow editors know this is is my sore spot and try their best to get me in the picture. On vacation it’s the same problem. It’s just too awkward trying to take a photo  in the middle of a tourist hot spot. There you are alongside 300 other people, all trying to get that perfect holiday happy snappy for the scrapbook. It all quickly becomes a cliché. You see? A love-hate relationship.


Just one more thing while I’m on a roll. My boyfriend is a photographer and doesn’t go on vacation without a camera. You would think that I’m constantly posing for him, but that is totally not the case. He takes the most stunning pictures but his albums from the last few years could be the beginning of a new guide book series; The Lonely Traveler. So beautiful, yet so very empty. The problem lies with his love and attention given only to the surroundings. Meanwhile, the sweet girlfriend (insert me: hobbling along behind, all for the best photo moment, giving a few tips here and there) forgets to stand before the camera. Don’t get me wrong, we take the coolest pictures and they are a hit with the magazine clients, but they are distant. We are nowhere to be seen. And that is no fun for the photo album.

But over the last couple of years we have come up with a solution. With his supersonic SLR reflex mirror he’ll make the amazing travel guide quality images from the surrounding and I carry the disposable camera to capture the spontaneous moments and the ussies. Regardless what type of camera it is, no matter how much effort it takes, it will make the vacation a tad trickier but the memories will be well worth it.