Things we love

– Cactus –


So this past week I have retreated to the world of plants. Really nothing is more fun and they liven up the home making it naturally cozier. But you’ve already read about all those tips so no need to go there again.


So when “Things we Love” showed up on the planning today and I was assigned to make another fab illustration my mind was still set in plant mode. For this reason we have cacti on today’s menu. Because a cactus is a plant that survives summery tropical temperatures contrary to other leafy greens that go limp in too much sunlight or heat. That prickly plant happens to be hip and is the newest must-have item, following right behind the Vitra-chair, the glass bell and the cabinet of curiosities.


You understand that I have one, a cactus. And the cactus is the first plant, aside from the banana plant my friends gave me, to do well in my home. And like with all good things here at the office, I followed through on the trend at home and gave it a name: Carl the Cactus. A drop of water once a week and he’s excruciatingly happy. There’s even a show of flower buds so that must be a good sign. It might seem like a prickly stranger you have to keep at a safe distance but nothing is further from the truth, the cactus is loved.

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