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–What a plant can do for your interior –


I used to be kind of allergic to plants and flowers in the house. I mean not really allergic of course, but more that I thought they were just very ugly. In our house we had ferns that were so overgrown that it was like living in a jungle, or sometimes you’d turn up at other people’s houses to find those horrible old-fashioned flower bouquets. Almost as if nana will pop out from around the corner at any minute.

When I moved in with my boyfriend he had a plant that he clearly wasn’t getting rid of. He had this thing since he was eighteen, had already endured three relocations and quite naturally it had become a precious item. So with my man came the pant, so I had to take it on. Honestly though, my allergy is 100% cured. Over the years I have also become very attached to this plant (why: it only needs watering every fortnight, the leaves are actually really cool and it’s not growing out of control). And now with the rise of the hip-field-flower bouquet I think a little green in the house has become a must.

A plant in your house works wonders for your interior. Yeah, yeah, it may seem logical, but these are the reasons why you really should get a plant in your house;





A little green in the house gives the effect of making the interior seem larger. So not just green on the walls, but also a plant in the corner.



Plants release oxygen. Look around your living room; your couch and all those little nick nacks are all releasing unhealthy substances that linger in your house. Having a plant around helps to neutralize these things and keeps your house fresh. And oxygen is never a bad thing, right?



Green is soothing. People feel generally better in a ‘green’ environment. They can concentrate better. Oh, and it also helps to reduce stress. Perhaps the office is also not a bad place to keep a plant.




A plant gives responsibility. You have to give it a little drop of water, occasionally you might have to trim off the dead leaves, perhaps you need to top up the soil … Sounds like a lot of work, trust me, it’s not that bad. Quite naturally a plant needs a little TLC to survive




It just look really really cool. Don’t just plonk the plant in a corner, there are a bunch of cool things that you can do with a plant. A house plant also doesn’t need to be super large, a collection of small cacti can also have a big impact. As a bit of proof and to help inspire you, have a look-see here at some great examples of what can be done. Believe me, a plant can be so much fun.

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