Things we love

– A can of soda –



An afternoon dip is something we haven’t experienced in a very long time here at the office. Our boxes of cookies, candy and a ton of other sweet things that we used to shove down our throats have made way for cans of coke light. Now we’re not saying that this is a healthy alternative, but they sure are refreshing and the term ‘light’ does make it sound a little more appealing than chocolate-coated cookies.


Now I am very aware that one can of coke light includes heaps of sugar, but those zero percentages on the cans just looks so enticing and is helps steer clear of other pastries and bon bons. Thereby it also lets me daydream about all their lovable commercials. I’m sure you know which ones I mean. If not, than I would gladly refer you to here and here. Wait until it’s four o’clock though before you watch them, cause that’s when you deserve a nice cool can of coke light. The message: Need a break, grab a cola light.


Alright, so once you’re done watching all those delectable coke light commercials, then we might as well move along to the videos from Coca Cola itself. Think about the big Christmas truck that I have on repeat throughout the entire year, or the commercial made specifically for the Super Bowl. Oh, and their newest little treasure is definitely worthy of a double click. I wonder how much it costs to make these things, but as long as we keep sipping away their soda’s, the longer we can enjoy their commercials. A little cheesy, but oh so good.